Don’t Fall for Keto Guru and Keto Boost Promise

Keto Guru and Keto Boost are two very popular supplements in Malaysia, they both ride on the very popular Keto wave now and make customers believe that they have anything to do with the Keto Diet. 

That is not correct!


Keto Guru is merely a mineral supplement no active weight loss benefits or anything that puts you in the state of ketosis. What is ketosis? 

Keto Boost Keto Guru Scam
Keto Boost Keto Guru Scam

Keto Guru: The main ingredient in any decent Keto Exogenous Ketones supplement is BHBBHB beta-hydroxybutyrate is one of three ketones the body produces during states of fasting or through low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets. In both contexts, the body naturally changes its primary source of energy from glucose (provided by carbohydrates) to stored fat.  Fat is broken down and BHB is formed. The amount of BHB in keto Guru is way too low and can probably not even be traced in the blood with the given dosage. 

Keto Guru, is even worse, why they call it Keto Guru is a mystery it is a mineral tablet at most with very little benefits to a keto diet. 


We suggest you stay away from both products as they provide little to no value to a proper ketogenic diet. Fact is that we had many Keto Boost Keto Guru Scam customers call us and complain or ask for advice. 



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