what do ketones do

What Do Ketones Do?

First, let’s have a quick talk about energy sources. Glucose is the primary energy source for almost every cell in the body. This is because it can be broken down into energy much more quickly than any other fuel source, and it does this without the help of the mitochondria (the main energy-producing component of the cell). Using glucose for fuel, however, comes with some negative effects.

What we gain in quickness, we lose in efficiency.

During the process of sugar burning more free radicals and reactive oxygen species (harmful compounds that can cause cell damage) are released and less energy is created than when we use ketones and fat for fuel.

Ketones are a more efficient fuel source that inhibits the production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species. This leads to a host of benefits, especially for the brain cells that use ketones instead of sugar for fuel. For example, studies done on people with different types of cognitive issues from Parkinson’s disease to epilepsy confirm that using ketones as fuel can improve brain function tremendously.

However, the benefits of burning ketones for energy doesn’t stop in the brain. Many other cells like muscle cells also benefit from the use of ketones (more on that later), but you can’t reap these benefits unless you use up your sugar reserves first.

Pruvit has the only naturally fermented ketones on the market. Okay, we know that they raise up in our blood more than anything else.

But what do ketones do?

Well, there are several ketones do in your blood.
Number one, we like to think of ketones as in-depth, signalling molecules.
What do I mean by that? They trigger a cascade of processes to occur in your body,
that help you to be optimized. Ketones appear to help the muscle to build and repair and recover faster.

Ketones are an elite fuel source for your brain. In fact, if you were to take a serving of Pruvit NAT  ketones and a serving of sugar, your brain would prefer to use the ketones over the sugar as an energy source.

Pruvit Keto Nat yields more energy per ketone molecule than glucose does. So that’s why when you take it you feel like you have a bunch of energy because ketones are the ultimate source of energy. The ultimate fuel source.

They also are a more efficient source of fuel for your brain and heart.
One of the things we do in our research laboratory is to test how much oxygen you need to burn a fuel source; the more oxygen is needed, the less efficient it is.
When we put people in our lab, and we give them Pruvit Keto Nat, they use less oxygen to use ketones
then they do to use carbohydrates as energy.

Why is that important?

Let’s say that you like to hike or climb and went to elevation. You wouldn’t need as much oxygen to use ketones. So you wouldn’t be as out of breath.
So that’s an extreme example of, like the need for oxygen to use fuel, you know when you’re at elevation, right?
So that need is less with ketones because ketones are the more efficient fuel.
I know obviously, the big question is, how does it impact body composition?
There are several different ways that it impacts body composition.
It makes us more satiated, so we’re not as hungry, so we tend not to eat as much.
It also makes us happier and more energetic, so we want to exercise more, and it helps to focus on essential tasks.
It also helps prevent your muscle from being lost when you’re dieting. Because most people, when they do a fat-loss diet, they lose muscle and fat.
The ketones spare muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn during resting and inactivity.
Maintaining muscle tissue is the most critical thing you can do, especially while you age.
So that’s a general overview of why Pruvit Keto Nat is so special.



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