As with everything in life, when there is a new trend, product, or idea in the market, people will show up to ruin it or take advantage of it. Today I want to share a little information about why you should not buy Pruvit exogenous ketones products on Lazada, Shopee, Ubuy, or similar discounting websites.

I also want to give you a few good reasons why you should register with us as a Pruvit customer, and show you the benefits and rewards you can reap by doing the right thing.

Ask yourself this question, do you really want to buy a health product from someone who doesn’t care about rules, regulations, and ethics for the sake of saving a few bucks?

Reason Number 1 Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy.

Violating Pruvits Terms and Conditions 

Pruvit Promoters / Distributors who sell on websites like LAZADA, UBUY OR SHOPEE violate the Pruvit business rules and terms and conditions as a Pruvit Promoter. These low-life individuals obviously do not care about company rules or the people trying to build a legitimate Pruvit business. 

By manipulating the Pruvit marketing plan and purchasing high amounts of stock on fake accounts, they receive free products, which are meant as a reward from Pruvit.

Then they calculate the total cost for purchased products plus the free products and achieve a much lower average price per box, which allows them to dump the product on the market at a price that ethically correct promoters are not even able to purchase it. 


To give you a little background about myself, I have been in Network Marketing for over 20 years. I have seen this behaviour in almost every company; these kind of people are never successful, they don’t have good product knowledge; all they care about is making money fast no matter if they destroy the market and no matter if you the customer has a result on the product or not.


Reason Number 2 Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy. 

Selling counterfeit or old expired products.

Many of the promoters selling at low prices on these websites may not have ORIGINAL PRUVIT products or sell old expired Pruvit products like shown on this picture. 

why you should not buy pruvit on lazada shopee ubuy









Keto OS MAX has been discontinued for a long time, yet some sleazy Pruvit promoters are still offering it online. These kind of promoters are clearly violating Pruvit company rules, and they are afraid to be terminated if caught, so what they do is remove the scan code on the boxes, so the product can’t be traced back to them. If you purchase on these websites, make sure to tell the promoter that you want your box to include the scan code on the box. (see pic below)

Ask for a picture of the scan code and the expiry date located at the bottom of the box.


Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy_04Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy_04

Reason Number 3 Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy. 

Unexperienced careless Promoters. 

Since I started this business in March of 2020, I have come across many customers who first purchased Pruvit Samples or Pruvit Keto OS via a low life online promoter on Lazada, Ubuy, or Shopee. All of my customers had one thing in common, none of the promoters that sold Pruvit on those websites offered any kind of support or follow up. The product was mailed, and that’s it; here you have it figure out how to take it, figure out what to do if you are experiencing problems when using ketones. 

These low life Lazada, Ubuy, and Shopee sellers do not care if you are using the product correctly or what you should do if problems arise; it’s just a sell, it’s just about the quick buck for them. 

You basically got what you paid for, and if that’s ok for you, then feel free to continue ordering via these scammers. However, if you are concerned about using a supplement and need diet-related advice, you should look out for someone who knows what they are doing, it may be a little bit more expensive, but the quality has its price.


The Pruvit FREE Product Program – How do you get FREE Pruvit Product?

Let’s cheer up and talk about how you can benefit from doing the right thing, registering with a certified Pruvit Promoter who is in good standing with the company and still get the best deal on your Pruvit Keto products.

Step number 1 set up your smart ship order. Smart Ship is a monthly recurring order for whatever product you decide to choose, it gets deducted automatically every 30 days from your credit card and shipped to you. That way you never have to worry running out of ketones or ordering them. Of course, this smart ship order can be cancelled, paused and changed any time.

BIG ADVANTAGE of the smart ship you receive a 22% discount on all products if you are in the Malaysian market the regular price for 1 box of NAT is US138.00 without shipping. 22% off US138.00 = US 107.64 Wow that’s a nice discount. So now your product including delivery from Hong Kong is US120.00 instead of US150.00

US120.00 is about MYR 496.00 so you see the prices offered by dump promoters on Lazada is much lower and not doable unless you cheat the company. 

Now here comes the fun part, every 3rd month of being on the smart ship, Pruvit will reward you with a free box of the product. 

Now let’s do the math again, 3 consecutive months of paying for your smart ship is 3x MYR496.00 = MYR 1488.00 PLUS 1 Free Box as a reward for being consistent so now you got 4 Boxes of ketones for MYR 1488.00 which is MYR372.00 

Now you got the best price, cheaper then lazada, cheaper then any scamming cheating promoter can offer you and its 100% in compliance with the Pruvit rules and regulations.

But wait, it gets better. 

Now let’s say you refer two friends to join you as smart ship customers and they purchase 1-2 boxes per month as their monthly smart ship order.

Pruvit then calculates the average $ amount of your two highest customer orders and rewards you with PB = Pruvit Bucks


Your good friend Joe is on a 2 box smart ship order which had a value of 100 points and your friend Mary is on a 1 box order which has a 50 points value the average of these two combined orders is 75. So Pruvit rewards you with 75 Pruvit Bucks per month for these two orders after 3 months you will have accumulated about 225 in Pruvit Bucks which is almost 2 FREE Boxes of your product that you can claim for it. 

So you see, using this example and only two friends who you share the product with you can achieve up to 3 free boxes of Product every 3-4 months. 

Including these free products into an average calculation per month, your product becomes really affordable.

Why You Should Not Buy Pruvit on Lazada Shopee and Ubuy_04

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